Pan margarita recipe

Pan Margarita recipe at your finger tips

Pizza is perfect at home! But for this, you should know the recipes for different pizzas. Pronto pizza and restaurant makes it easy for you as it brings all pizza recipes for you.

Today, pronto pizza & restaurant is going to unveil the secret pan margarita recipe, one of the hottest products on Pronto Pizza’s menu. Stay tuned.

Pan margarita recipe:

One pan is used to make the entire pan margarita pizza from scratch, including the sauce. For the crust to toast or brown underneath, a pizza requires a lot of heat and a hot foundation. Both a pizza oven and an oven stone are not household necessities for everyone.

But t4 Free Fitness Apps That Will Actually Get You Results hgh steroid for sale Save on fitness in Seattle – SweatNEThe majority of folks have a frying pan. You’ll need an ovenproof pan with a thick bottom for this pizza recipe; cast iron is preferred. Turn the oven on full to preheat since it needs to reach its highest temperature. Pizza dough should be gently added to the hot cast iron pan after the pan has been heated in the hot oven for ten minutes.

Yes, as you put the pizza together, it will begin to cook and bubble, and that’s what you want. You may make a beautiful pan pizza by assembling the ingredients, finishing cooking it in the oven for 10 minutes and then removing it. Observations: I also tried heating the pan on the stove, but the results were inconsistent. The oven functions best. Enjoy a pan pizza in the style of Margherita at home!


  • 3 3/4 cups of 17.5 ounces of 500-gram all-purpose strong flour
  • 350 ml of warm (1 12 cups) water
  • For the dough, 10g – 2 tbsp olive oil (plus more to drizzle)
  • Dry yeast, 7g – 214 tsp
  • 8g of fine salt (1 12 tsp)
  • 250g or 9 oz of mozzarella cheese (sliced)
  • One can of cherry tomatoes, 14 oz./400 g. (or tomato puree)
  • A quarter-bundle of fresh basil
  • Oregano, 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic cloves, three


  • Step 1

Add the flour to a sizable mixing bowl on an electric mixer. The salt is next added, and the dry ingredients are whisked together.

  • Step 2

Warm water and yeast should be combined in a basin or measuring cup. After thoroughly mixing, the yeast should rest for 15 minutes to activate.

  • Step 3

Fill the mixer bowl with flour and yeast water. Utilize the dough hook attachment and add olive oil. Beat on low or the knead setting for 10 minutes. Knead by hand if you don’t have an electric mixer.

  • Step 4

The bowl should be removed from the mixer, covered with a lid or cling film, and left to rest for 60 to 90 minutes in a warm location.

  • Step 5

After the dough has at least doubled in size, if not tripled, it should be transferred to a flour-dusted surface, shaped into a bread loaf or cylinder, and then divided into three equal pieces. Stretching the dough’s sides by tucking them under will result in smooth bun-like balls when done with both hands.

  • Step 6

For one to two hours, cover with a piece of cling film and leave outside. Alternately, oil some bowls and store them in the refrigerator overnight, covered with oiled cling film. They last up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. In the cold, they will slowly ascend.

  • Step 7

Take the dough out of the fridge 30 minutes before using it to let it come to room temperature.

  • Step 8

Set the oven to its highest setting.

  • Step 9

Flour your bench or board, then use your hands to stretch the dough into a disc while forming the outside shell. If you find this step too challenging, use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a roughly 12-inch size so it will fit the pan.

  • Step 10

Put your cast iron pan in the oven to heat for 10 minutes (I used a 12-inch pan). Remove the hot, empty pan from the oven and set it on the burner.

  • Step 11

Place the pizza dough carefully in the heated pan’s bottom. You will notice the dough begin to bubble as you construct it, and that’s okay because it will begin to cook.

  • Step 12

One minced garlic clove on each pizza should be evenly distributed over the base. Add two or three pinches of dried oregano, one-third of the cherry tomatoes or tomato puree, salt, and sliced mozzarella cheese pieces on top of the dish (not too much cheese). Include newly picked basil leaves. Olive oil should be used to the basil leaves and the pizza.

  • Step 13

Place in oven and cook for approximately 10 minutes, or until cheese begins to brown a bit.

  • Step 14

Remove from the oven, move to a cutting board, and prepare for eating. On top, you might also strew some fresh basil leaves. Enjoy!

We hope that our pan margarita recipe will help you to make a perfect pizza at home.

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