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Underrated But Delicious Pizza Styles

Certain pizza styles such as Pronto pizza have ended up getting a lot of recognition, praise and popularity among the masses from various regions of the world and even universally.

However, there are those that are underrated, hidden gems of the fast-food world. If you happen to be an adventurous eater who can bravely try out unique and distinct flavours and dishes, you should definitely venture out to taste some of these underrated gems. Otherwise, you likely have just been missing out.

Certain foods and tastes might be pretty obscure and underrated for a variety of reasons, however, people are likely to really love and appreciate these once they try them out.

This article mentions a few such distinct pizza styles that are as follows.

Neapolitan Pizza

This pizza style despite being underrated today is actually the original pizza from Naples, Italy. This pizza used to be sold by street vendors in Naples way back in the 18th century.

It was inexpensive and easily affordable for the poor people of Naples. Today, Neapolitan pizza is available in the form of three variations.

  • Marinara Pizza

Includes garlic, oregano and tomato sauce with a dough cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

  • Margherita Pizza

Includes San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese with a dough cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

  • Extra Margherita

Includes San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella from Campania, dough cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

These pizzas are typically baked so thin that they require eating with a fork and knife. These pizzas despite being simple and minimal are delicious and savoury and you are bound to cherish every bite.

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Sicilian Pizza

Following the second world war, this pizza style was revealed to Americans by the Sicilian immigrants during the 19th century. This pizza is made by mixing the dough with a spoonful of olive oil for a soft, pillowy dough. The crust is made to have a slight crunch and it contains strongly flavoured tomato sauce.

Sicilian pizza is one of the only pizzas that can be served without cheese. However, if you want to add cheese, it is added beneath the sauce so that the pizza doesn’t get clammy or moist.

It is typically topped with onions, tomatoes, anchovies and other herbs like fresh basil, sage, coriander or oregano etc.

Sicilian pizza is cut into square or rectangle slices rather than the standard triangular ones. However, that is not likely to stand in the way of you falling in love with the chewy, fluffy, slightly crunchy, yummy slice of this marvel pizza.

Greek Pizza

Greek pizza came into being when Greek immigrants were introduced to Italian pizza in the US.

The Greeks put their own spin on the native Italian food and brought about a new variant in the sea of pizza styles. This particular pizza possesses a thick and chewy crust with the dough cooked in well-oiled pans almost giving it a deep-fried bottom.

The crust is puffier than the standard thin-crust pizzas but not thicker than the deep dish pizzas. This pizza usually uses more sauce instead of relying more on cheese.

The sauce is usually made using tomato paste and oregano. The cheese used in this particular pizza is actually a mixture of three types of cheese which are mozzarella, cheddar and provolone. The toppings typically include red onions, black olives, feta cheese and anchovies etc.

A distinct mix of cheese and the fried crust give this pizza that striking edge making it memorable for anyone who tries it out. 

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