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What are Some of the Most Popular Pizza Styles?

Pizza is basically one of those foods that are made with minimal ingredients. As far as pizza is concerned, the basic core ingredients are dough, sauce, cheese and other meat or vegetable-based toppings.

However, these ingredients can be arranged and mixed up in a lot of unique ways and have so many variations that you can end up with a lot of different flavours and recipes.

A bit of simple tweaking or rearranging the ingredients results in various forms of delicious pizzas.

The many different styles of pizza are created this way. Among them, there are all sorts of differently flavoured and shaped pies that make various unique, popular, underrated and universally acknowledged pizza styles.

Although pizza in any form is generally a well-liked fast food item, a few of these styles are hugely popular and loved among the audience more than others. Are you looking for pronto pizza?

Some of these greatly appreciated and popular pizza styles are as follows.

Chicago Deep Dish

This specific pizza was originated in Chicago, USA in the 1940s at a restaurant named Pizzeria Uno. It’s a thick and stuffed pizza.

However, its thickness is not attributed to the crust because the crust is actually pretty thin. The thickness of this pizza is in fact because of a large number of ingredients and toppings.

Since the pizza is so thick, it takes a longer time to properly bake as compared to other normal pizzas. Because of this long baking time, the cheese is likely to get burned if it’s put on top.

Therefore, the layering is done upside down with cheese on the bottom, then vegetables, meat and then sauce on top.

Because of the unique arrangement and large numbers of various toppings, this pizza style quickly got recognition and popularity among the masses and is still one of the most popular pizza styles today.

Chicago Thin Crust

The second one on the list belongs to the city of Chicago as well. This pizza as depicted by the name possesses a thin crust but it’s also way crispier.

The dough contains yeast, it is rolled instead of tossed and baked much longer to achieve that specific crunch in the crust. It typically contains meat specifically sausage toppings.

The crispy, thin-crust slices cut in squares rather than the standard triangular shape have not dropped in popularity since being introduced many years before.

California Style Pizza

Chef Ed LaDou is considered the founder of this particular pizza style. He put together a specific pizza menu for California Pizza Kitchen and it included pizzas that came to be known as the California-style pizzas.

This recipe uses the same model base for the dough typically used in standard pizzas, however, it is distinguished with respect to the toppings. It contains unusual and distinctive toppings like mustard, red peppers, ricotta, smoked salmon and duck sausage etc.

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Its distinctiveness and newness have been well received and praised by the masses and continue to stay popular within as well as outside of California.

New York Style Pizza

This particular pizza is also equally appealing to the New Yorkers and the outsiders and tourists alike. It contains a crust possessing a little more dough than thin-crust pizzas and a little less than the standard stuffed crust.

It has a crunch and contains a fine mix of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The toppings can vary as per customer preferences.

This popular style of pizza is cut into square slices and eaten by folding over the slice and biting into it instead of using forks and knives.

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