Best cheese for Pizza

Which is the Best Cheese for Pizza?

Cheese is an integral part of any and every pizza. There are very few, rare pizza styles like pronto pizza that can be served without cheese, and even then people mostly would prefer them with cheese.

Most people believe the cheesier the pizza is, the tastier and better it is. The melted, gooey, stretchy cheese is what ties the other ingredients together and brings out the marvellous taste that everybody craves and appreciates so well.

However, as we know that cheese happens to have various forms and categories. Some of them go better with certain dishes than others. Similarly, there are some that are more suitable to be used in pizzas and tend to strike out a more remarkable taste.

Certain kinds of cheese also complement some specific pizza styles better than others. Hence, knowing which cheese goes best with what ingredients and toppings can make a whole lot of difference.

Following are some of the popular cheese options for various well-liked pizzas.

Mozzarella Cheese:

One of the most popular and largely consumed cheeses for pizza is fior di latte, more commonly known as mozzarella cheese. It has a light, airy and creamy texture and adds a fresh taste to the dish that it is put in.

Hence, it is no wonder that it is among the most consumed and appreciated cheese options, especially with pizza.

Mozzarella cheese has two main variants;

  • High moisture mozzarella.
  • Low moisture mozzarella.

High-moisture mozzarella possesses a minimal shelf life and is suitable to be used for a day only after being manufactured.

While low-moisture mozzarella has a much longer shelf life, it’s also ideal as a pizza cheese for another significant reason.

It melts faster than any other cheese which is excellent for pizza baking. Whole milk, low moisture mozzarella generally adds a more ripe and fuller flavour than various other low-fat alternatives.

There is no restriction as to which pizzas the mozzarella cheese can be used on; it can be used on any and all types. However, it is especially ideal for Margherita and pepperoni pizzas.

Provolone Cheese:

Provolone is another quite popular option for pizzas, however, it’s mostly used in the company of mozzarella cheese. It can really vary flavour-wise, depending on how long it has been aged.

If it has been aged for just about a month or two, it tends to be soft and supple with a smooth texture and mild flavour. If it has been aged between six months to two years, it possesses holes and has a sharper, spicier flavour.

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Just like mozzarella, this particular cheese also works well on most kinds of pizza. However, it particularly stands out in combinations like chicken pesto, tomatoes and basil.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan is a dry and hard cheese that possesses a strong, rich and sharp flavour. A pizza with parmesan on it can not be baked in the oven because the taste would be all tarnished with the parmesan going all sticky and stretchy.

Instead, garnish it over an already-cooked pizza and let the residual pizza heat melt it just slightly.

This cheese works particularly fine with vegetable-based pizzas having stuff like capsicum, eggplant or caramelised onions as toppings.

Goat’s Cheese

Goat’s cheese has an incredibly creamy texture, and although it does not melt quite like mozzarella and provolone, it still gets yummily soft when baked in the oven and is divinely delicious to bite into.

It works best with sweet vegetable toppings like pumpkins, tomatoes, capsicum and sweet potatoes.

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