Pronto Pizza – Shapes, Sizes, Flavors, History And Many More

April 11, 2023

It’s pizza time on the Pronto Pizza Menu. Pizza is a national food of Italy. In Italy, pizza comes in 9 different styles. These are:
• Pizza Napoletana,
• Pizza al Taglio,
• Pizza Siciliana,
• Pizza Romana Tonda,
• Pizza Fritta,
• Pizza alla Pala/Pizza a Metro,
• Calzone, Pizza Italiana and
• Gourmet Pizza

Different Flavors of Pronto Pizza at Pronto Pizza Menu:
You can choose
• Gourmet Pizza,
• Gourmet Pan Pizza and
• Gourmet Sicilian Pizza

Gourmet pizzas are special Pronto Pizzas having no topping limitations. They symbolize creativity and uniqueness.

A pan pizza is for those who adore a crispy thick crust that is golden on the bottom, but puffy and soft under the layers of mozzarella and sauce. Moreover, Pan Pizza is baked in a cast iron skillet.

Sicilian Pizza is a cross between focaccia and pizza. There is no limitation for Sicilian Pizza regarding dough and toppings. You can add in Sicilian Pizza what you want either thin or soft crust, double cheese, white sauce, or anything.

Pronto Pizza offers twelve flavors for each of the 3 types of Pronto Pizza. These flavors are
• BBQ Chicken Pronto Pizza,
• Philly Cheesesteak Pronto Pizza,
• Margarita Pronto Pizza,
• Veggie Pronto Pizza,
• Vodka Sauce Pronto Pizza,
• Francese Pronto Pizza,
• Chicken Alfredo Pronto Pizza,
• Marsala Pronto Pizza,
• Chicken Bruschetta Pronto Pizza,
• Chicken & Bacon Pronto Pizza,
• Caprese Pronto Pizza, and
• Buffalo Chicken Pronto Pizza.

Pronto Pizza – Shapes, Sizes, Flavors
Shapes and Sizes of Pizza
Besides flavors, pizza could be available in different shapes and sizes. An interesting quote regarding pizza shape is “My love is pizza shaped”. Italy set strict criteria for the shape and size of pizza. The ordinary pizza box is square, the pizza is round and it is cut into triangle slices to eat. By the way, different 18 shapes of pizza are being made.
• For valentine’s day, heart shape pizza is made while a superman logo-shaped pizza is also popular among DC comics nerds.
• A patriotic pizza of flag shape could be made for celebrating some memorial day or celebrating a country day.
• A Wu-Tang Pizza required high skills and is famous among the 90s hip-hop group.
• A Spicy Dino-Pizza of a dinosaur-shaped or any other animal shape pizza can be made for fun.
• Similarly an Octopus Pizza could be made to scare someone.
• A mickey mouse or a cat-shaped pizza may be liked by cartoon lovers.
• An apple logo pizza could be made for a friend or family member who is always asking to purchase and shift on MAC or iPhone.
• Football-shaped pizza could be made for fun on a game day.
• Ribbon-shaped or unicorn-shaped pizza could also be tried.
• The Millennium Falcon Pizza is a great choice in the house of any Star Wars fan.
• Similarly, a Santa Claus Pizza is great fun and the cutest among all shapes.
• An impressive shape of pizza could be a fish pizza.
• A pizza man should be prepared for those who love gingerbread men. Cutest and scariest pizza men could be the optional choices.
Brief History of Pizza
The term pizza was first time used around 100 AD. Initially topping flatbread with tasty ingredients was being eaten and called flatbread with a topping. Then Italians found tomato as a pizza base and it became the essential ingredient of pizza.
Authentic Italian Pizza
Authentic Italian pizza is only the Margherita and Marinara. In this type, the following requirements must meet.
• Traditional flour,
• Tomatoes,
• Yeast and
• Salt
• The dough must be kneaded with hands.
• The shape must be round and
• Size must not be more than 13 and three-quarter inches in diameter.

Pizza as an International Food:
Pizza is the best choice for parties, get together, or any occasion because it can be eaten anytime, in delicious weather hot or cold, and above all, it is an international food. Pizza is one of the most popular foods all over the globe. Italians invent this delicious food but it is eaten almost in every part of the World. Pizza is unknown to the World since 1889. King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited the kingdom and the queen adored this delicious food. Afterward, her chef produced different types of pizzas according to her taste. The second outbreak of pizza comes in Second World War when soldiers who stayed in Italy loved this delicious food and spread it all over the World. Now pizza is a boundless, stateless, and flagless food.

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